Clothing Swap Event! 10/1/21

Hey everyone! Queer Eugene is partnering with HIV Alliance and TransPonder to host a clothing swap at Alton Baker Park Picnic Shelter #1 on October 16th, 2021 from 11am to 3pm. Bring some clothes to share if you are able, but definitely come even if you don’t, because we have some donated clothes for everyone. Masks are required. We will have masks to provide if you don’t have one or forget to wear one. We’ll be underneath one of the permanent shelters and going through the clothes on the tables there. Hope to see a good group of people throughout the day to take advantage of this clothing swap!

We have officially launched 10/1/21

Queer Eugene is officially open to everyone! Our website was created to serve the needs of Oregonian queers who found it difficult to find community and resources. Queer Eugene is intended to be a centralized location for resources throughout Oregon, including but not limited to: queer-focused services, queer-led organizations, queer-supportive organizations, intersectional resources, educational resources, and a calendar of events!
If you find that you know of a resource or event that is not listed on this website, please contact us so that we can add it! You can submit suggestions, events, and resources using our forms section, or you may also send any information to We are planning to host some events in our immediate area (Eugene) with the intent to expand into a nonprofit and be active throughout Oregon!
Please contact us with your information, expertise, or words of encouragement! We appreciate your support!