Website under construction, stay tuned!

Queer Eugene is launching first as a website (hopefully by the end of September 2021) as a centralized digital phone book of resources for queer folks in Oregon, as well as a centralized calendar of events, and includes an intersectional page of resources.

We need information to fill out these resource lists (Queer-Focused Services, Queer-Led Organizations, Queer-Supportive Organizations) and for our intersectional resources currently we are seeking: Black/African-American resources, Indigenous Peoples resources, and Disabilty Advocacy resources.

Our scope? We want to cover the entirety of Oregon! Next year we are hoping to launch as a nonprofit to do active things in Oregon, focused around Lane County (where we are physically based).

If you have any information for us to add to our resource lists, please email Hope to engage in community with y'all soon!